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Our 2023 Ceremony Healers

Updated: Apr 17

Ras Vane, Picon Jisma

Ras is the founder of Vibez and co-founder of the Rasta Indigenous Village in Jamaica. He has over three decades of guiding journeys with children teachers and over ten years of journeying with grandmother medicine. He is a powerful energy healer and has been training with the Shipibo tribe of Peru since 2017. For over a decade, Ras has worked with the Indigenous people of America facilitating sweat lodges and Grandfather Medicines. Ras hosts group tours to experience indigenous cultures, traveling to Ethiopia, Ghana, Peru, Panama, Costa Rica, and Jamaica, with most retreats being held in Jamaica. 

Rastafari traditions, fathering, healing, nature preservation, intentional community development, and learning indigenous ways are at the heart of everything he does.  Mapacho Tobacco Soplay Tutorial.

Eduardo Carvalho

Eduardo is the Founder of jungle spirits and is a visionary, musician, retreat facilitator, and heart-centered individual with years of hands-on experience regarding retreat organization and connectingwith people on a human level. Having over a decade of facilitating master plant ceremonies all over the world, Eduardo hasgathered immense knowledge as a facilitator. Powerful Icaros and masterfully talented with a multitude of instruments, Eduardo's passion for this work shines bright for all that have the blessing of experiencing his gifts.


Iffilayo was called to the path of plant medicine in 2016 and over the past several years has increasingly dedicated her life to being a bridge between the worlds, a channel for the Divine and Master Plants to work through and with her in-service to those who can benefit greatly from their profound guidance and healing.

Originally from the country of Jamaica and currently based in the northeastern region of the United States, Iffilayo’s tutelage in the Shipibo’s sacred traditions, a life-long endeavor, is undertaken with the Mahua-Lopez lineage of curanderos. 


Aleia has dedicated the last 20 years, to studying, training, practicing, and teaching a myriad of healing systems. After studying Psychology and Fine Art in Scotland, she traveled extensively through Asia, training in Ayurveda, Meditation, and integrative bodywork before stepping on the path in service to Ayahuasca which led her to the Peruvian Amazon to be initiated by Master Teacher Plants and her teachers of the indigenous Shipibo.

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