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As it was stated before we can customize your trip for you. Stay as little or as long as you like!

We do have private villas available, so please get in touch with Vibez™.

Vibez™ creator "Ras" Vane is the cofounder of the Rastafari indigenous village in Montego Bay and the founder and CEO of Vibez™. He has be traveled Jamaica extensively since 1999.

Ras Vane began doing tours in the early two thousands, along with natural building workshops using earth bag building techniques. in Sheffield West Moreland. His with a dream to is to teach sustainable natural building practice by building an Eco-village and providing affordable housing to the people of  Jamaica.

Ras has acquired a deep love and passion for the island of Jamaica and Rastafari culture.

 At Vibez™ our mission is to raise up and maintain the highest vibrations in life through love , meditation, yoga , music, chanting , visual arts, healing arts, plant medicines, natural building, organic farming, and Permaculture!



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“Make Yourself at Home!"
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